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Ambrosia Wine Class: The Veneto Region of Italy

For November's wine tasting, we're off to Veneto, Italy! Situated in Italy's northeast, Veneto extends from the snow-capped Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, by way of an expansive range of hills and a valley furrowed by rivers, canals and the Po River Delta. Venice, its regional capital, is famed for its canals, Gothic architecture and Carnival celebrations and near alpine Lake Garda, medieval Verona is known as the setting of Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet."

Christie Brassard, from Columbia Distributors will walk us through the history and geography of this important wine region as we explore some of it's famed wines including Amarone, Soave and Valpolicellla our next Wine Tasting and Sale on Tuesday, November 15 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.

Christie will present six wines from Veneto. Some of the wines are:

• Zardetto Prosecco N.V.
• Bertani Vintage Edition Soave 2014
• Buglione Valpolicellla 2012
• Masi Costasera Amarone 2011
The event includes a taste of all six wines and small plates to complement the wines prepared by Ambrosia's inimitable kitchen staff. The cost is $30 per person and space is limited to 24 people. Make your prepaid reservations by calling Ambrosia at 541-342-4141. You’ll receive a 10% discount when you purchase 12 bottles or more at the event.